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QuickBooks & Schools

Most small and micro business owners are searching for ways to ‘survive’ and be profitable. Schools are no exception.

Principals, Bursars and Financial Controllers are searching for ways to not only manage their very heavy administrative workload but also to face the difficult task of maintaining excellent record-keeping and pristine accounts. Hence, more than ever before, many are turning to accounting and payroll solutions that are easy to install, user-friendly and, most importantly, capable of being tailored to their specific needs.

At Simon Palmer and Associates Limited (SPA), we are committed to helping schools and other business sectors to embrace the benefits of using accounting and payroll software to manage their finances.

QuickBooks financial software is the ideal solution for schools.

  • It is easy to use
  • It is powerful
  • The most popular financial software available, boasting 4 million users worldwide.
  • QuickBooks help to provide a financial  road map , giving you historic information to tell you where you have been and helps chart your future course.

Why invest in QuickBooks?

It allows you to:

  • Enter all cheque disbursements
  • Enter all monies received
  • Deposit all monies to bank
  • Show available bank funds and prepare Bank reconciliations
  • Use QuickBooks "Class" feature to separate income and expenses for different projects/programs/funds/activities
  • Use Fixed Asset Listing to record all equipment
  • Set up Students as Customers, keep track of outstanding fees and maintain other information on each student.
  • Use QuickBooks to help with your fundraising.
  • Keep track of all expenditure by Vendor.
  • Produce reports to compare the budget with actual performance.
  • Produce income and expenditure reports to show how all monies have been spent.
  • Manage Tuck Shop Inventory


List of Schools we have worked with:

Private Schools

 1.     Alliance Francaise De La Jamaique

 2.     Quality Academics

 3.      Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ja (ICAJ)

 4.       One-Way Early Childhood

 5.    Institute of Law and Economics (ILE)


 Independent Schools

 1.   Dunrobin Prep

  2.      Hillel Academy

  3.      Meadowbrook Prep

 4.      Mona Prep

 5.      Obistan Kinder Prep

  6.    Providence Prep

 7.     Richmond Park Prep

 8.      St Andrew Prep

 9.      St Cecelia Prep

 10.    St Jago Prep

 11.    Wolmer’s Prep


Govt Funded High Schs/Colleges

 1.  Albert Town High

  2.    Alpha Boys School                                                    

 3.     Annotto Bay High

 4.     Bath Primary & Jnr High

 5.    Bethlehem Moravian College

 6.      Bishop Gibson High

 7.      Bog Walk Secondary

  8.    Braeton Primary & Junior High

  9.    Brimmervale High

 10.     Brown’s Town Community College

 11.   Buff Bay High

 12.   Bustamante High

 13.    Calabar High School

 14.     Cambridge High

 15.   Cedric Titus High

  16.    Charlemont High

 17.    Charlie Smith High

  18.   Christiana Comprehensive High
 19.    Clarendon College

  20.   College of Agriculture, Science & Education (C.A.S.E.)

 21.    Cross Keys High

  22.   Dallas Prim & Jnr High

 23.    Decarteret College
  24.   Denham Town High

  25.  Dunoon  Park Tech High

  26.   Edwin Allen High

27.    Ewarton High School

  28.   Fair Prospect High

  29.   Fellowship Prim & Jnr High

  30.   Garvey Maceo High
  31.   Godfrey Stewart High

  32.   Grange Hill High  

 33.   Haile Selassie High

 34.    Happy Grove High

  35.   Herbert Morrison High

 36.    Holmwood Technical High

  37.   Holy Trinity High

 38.   Immaculate Conception High

 39.   John Mills High School  

  40.   Jose Marti Technical High School

  41.    Kingston High

  42.    Lawrence Tavern Primary

 43. Little London High

 44.    Mandeville Prim & Jnr. High

  45.   Mannings  School

  46.    Moneague College

  47.   Muschett  Comprehensive High

  48.   Norman Manley High

 49.    Paul Bogle High

  50.   Petersfield High 

 51.    Port Antonio High

  52.   Port Morant Primary & Junior High

 53.    Queen’s High

  54.     School for the Blind

  55.     Seaforth High

  56.   Spanish Town High

  57.    St  Andrew High

  58.      St  Andrew Technical High

  59.   St Anne's High

  60.    St  Jago High

  61.   St Mary Technical High

  62.    St Thomas Tech High 

  63. Steer Town Academy 

  64.   Swallowfield Prim & Jnr High

  65.    Sydney Pagan Agricultural    

  66.   Titchfield High 

  67.  Troy High School

  68.  Vauxhall High                                                    

  69.   Waterford High 

  70.    Westwood High

  71.   Winston Jones High

  72.    Wolmer’s Boys High   

  73.   York Castle High


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