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Simon Palmer & Associates Limited (SPA)
'We are the QuickBooks Experts'

Q - What Does SPA Do?

A - SPA helps organisations with their QuickBooks and OASys software needs. We are not an audit firm, we are software specialists. We can, not only set up your software for you, we can also train you on how to use it as it pertains to how your business operates. If you have already set up your software and are having problems with it or are not sure it is correct, we can troubleshoot and repair it for you. It is never too late to get started! If you are operating from a cheque book and spreadsheets, you are missing out on accurately tracking your organisation’s finances.

At SPA, we offer a variety of services to best suit your company’s needs:

Ø       Installation, Set-up and Customisation of your accounting and payroll software

Ø      Classroom style training

Ø       Troubleshooting and Repair (Cleaning up and balancing Problem Books)

Ø       Consulting Service

Ø       Bookkeeping and Payroll Service


Q - I set-up my software myself and am not sure if  I set it up correctly. Can you make sure it was set up correctly and also train me on how to use it properly?

A - Yes, we can review your program to ensure it is set up correctly. If there are problems, we can correct them. We can also train you on how to quickly use it.

Q - I am using QuickBooks but I know something is wrong because my numbers are off. Can you help me get things in order?

A - Yes, we can review your QuickBooks program for any problems and make the necessary repairs. Once your QuickBooks program is in order, your numbers should be accurate.

Q - My financial reports are not providing the detail I was hoping for, not only that, my reports are not accurate. Can you help me get detailed and accurate financial reports?

A - Yes, we can review your chart of accounts with you and update them to give you the detail you need. If any repairs are needed, we can make them. Once your program is updated, your numbers should be more detailed and accurate.


Q - We have been using QuickBooks for several years now and I am not sure we are using it to its fullest potential. Can you review what we are currently doing and make any suggestions on how we can speed things up and operate more efficiently?


A - Yes, we can conduct a full review of your QuickBooks program to ensure it is being used efficiently and correctly. Once the review has been conducted, we can make suggestions, repairs and provide any new training as needed.


Q - I Currently do all my accounting with a Cheque book and Spreadsheets, what are the advantages of using QuickBooks?

A - First, operating out of a chequebook and/or using spreadsheets cannot quickly and accurately provide the financial detail needed which is crucial for the day-to-day operations of a business. The advantage of using accounting software is having detailed financial data at your fingertips. Accurate financial records can also make the difference between getting that line of credit or loan that is crucial to the survival of your business or not getting the financing you need to keep your doors open.

Secondly, it is about being in control of your finances. Why wait to know where you stand financially. Imagine being able to run financial reports any time you want!

And last but not least, getting things done in seconds by clicking a few buttons to generate the data your Auditor needs to complete your organisation's taxes, instead of you having to spend countless hours, days or weeks rummaging through receipts and mountains of paperwork. Even the smallest of organisations can benefit from automating their accounting.

Decide now to make the switch! It is easier than you think. We can help get you up and running in no time. Call SPA now at 978-3750 or at 978-0260. You will be glad you did!


Q - Why Shouldn't I Set Up QuickBooks Myself?

A - Operating any accounting software when it is set up incorrectly is like having a blind man directing traffic. It is only a matter of time before something disastrous happens.

Unless you have an accounting background, odds are in your favour that you will set up QuickBooks incorrectly resulting in costly discrepancies down the road. The monies you will spend to correct these discrepancies later on will have far exceeded the costs of hiring an accounting professional to set up your QuickBooks in the first place.

Q - My Books Are a Mess and I am Really Stressed, What Should I Do?

A - Call us. SPA specialises in troubleshooting and repairing accounting software we can review your QuickBooks and correct any discrepancies. No matter how bad it seems, it can always be corrected so do not despair! The sooner you call us, the sooner you can have things back in order.

Q - Can I Afford QuickBooks Help?

A - The big question is not whether "can I afford help" but what are the consequences for not getting help? How much more money do you want to lose through clients not paying on time or not paying at all, bills being paid twice or not being paid at all, monies being deposited into the wrong accounts, purchases not being adequately tracked, financial reports that are inaccurate and do not reflect the true financial position of your organisation, the list goes on and on! Reinvesting in your organisation is key. You must think of SPA as an investment in your company and its future. The benefits of using our value added services far out weight the costs! Getting it done quickly and getting it done right are key in moving forward.

You will be amazed at how affordable our services are considering the value you will be receiving. We hand hold our clients from day one, determine your needs and then provide you with the proper solution. Having SPA help you should be a No brainer! Call us today 978-3750, 978-0260 . Getting started is easier than you think!

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