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Simon Palmer & Associates Limited (SPA)
'We are the QuickBooks Experts'

Simon Palmer and Associates Limited (SPA) was formed in September 1999 to provide software consultancy to small and medium sized businesses. Our focus is on helping businesses select and implement accounting and financial system solutions. Our solutions address business problems head-on, organisations can run more efficiently and competitively, using accounting and payroll software. Every business faces different challenges. Every accounting department has a different way of doing things. However, in any business or industry, the bottom line is just that—the bottom line. Our strength is identifying those challenges, recognizing your company’s unique way of doing things, and finding creative solutions that take both into account. 

SPA specialises in helping you select and install the correct software. With many years of experience, SPA will help you to choose, install and set-up your accounting and payroll software. We can also train you how to use it, troubleshoot problems, and so on. We are not a replacement for your local accountant. We aim to enhance the relationship with your local accountant, because we help you provide your accountant with accurate numbers.

“Every small business needs to know where the money went - and is going.“


is an accounting software tool that allows business owners to keep track of all of their financial data, and easily produce reports for effective planning. Do-it-yourself has always been the hallmark of small businesses, especially for start-ups. In the early years, revenues are lean, and employees are scarce. Many therefore have little choice but to do some things for themselves or, it just does not, get done. Fortunately, advances in technology now makes it possible for more and more businesses to do their own books using software like, QuickBooks, then they hire accountants more as advisors or tax specialists to give advice and guidance regarding more complex matters. We believe we have the ideal product for your business so
call us  978-3750 or 978-0260 and discover how we can meet your needs.



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