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OASys Payroll & HRMIS


Is your Payroll processing easy and straightforward, saving you time and energy? Or is it a time of fear and anxiety?


OASys Payroll Software - A refreshing solution to payroll processing. It is the perfect solution for your HR and payroll needs.

OASys will calculate your payroll in strict accordance with the current taxation laws of Jamaica. It provides payslips, payroll register, signature sheets and other periodic payroll reports.

OASys compiles your annual returns providing you with deduction cards for each employee and the corresponding summary reports.

However the real strength of the program is that, once it is properly set up, it is extremely easy to use and will satisfy all of your payroll administration needs, at an incredibly affordable cost.


Features Include
-Five Concurrent Payroll Method per Company File Created   -Monthly,  Weekly,   Fortnightly, Bi-Monthly or Sub-Contractor

-Report Definition and Data Export   -Export data from OASys system to other software   application eg General ledger export of payroll transaction into accounts system

-Staff Leave Management   - Auto generate leave availability, process request for leave and maintain log of all leave used.

-Multiple Currency Type Payroll Processing    - Maintains a log of currency exchange rates at time of pay, convert and report on tax liability in currency of choice

-Database Query and Reporting Tools   - This query feature allow user to enter database request and define layout of report for records returned.

-Collective or selective Rerun and Reprints of Payroll


For IT Professionals

Data can be hosted on a stand alone or Network Server

• Compatibility to Windows Operating System from Win 98 up..  

• Security - Multi level database password and data encryption method




If you would like additional information on costs for an OASys investment, inclusive of set up and training, please give us a call on 978-3750 or 978-0260, Fax 978-5316 .






























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